Meet the Shopic Platform

Mobile Checkout

Why let customers wait for checkout? Our leading Mobile Checkout platform is offered as a white label app or SDK, completely customizable to represent your brand perfectly. Transform your in-store experience, increase sales, and communicate with your customers as they shop.

Key features

Seamless experience as white label or SDK

Whether given as a white-label standalone app, or built into your existing app with the Shopic SDK (iOS / Android), consumers will get the best user-experience, with the most cutting-edge technology available in the market at any given point.

Bust the line, or get rid of it completely

With Shopic’s Mobile Checkout you may have your store associates bust the line with our mPOS solution, or emancipate your customers from lines altogether with mobile self-checkout.

Secured process

Get full control using our cutting edge AI-based fraud detection. Learn More

Mobile checkout 2.0

Thanks to our advanced Computer-Vision algorithms, the Mobile Checkout solution can now save even more time and friction by eliminating the need to look for barcodes – simply show the item to your phone and it’ll just know what it is!

Advanced up-sells

Communicate with your customers as they shop in-store, and offer personalized up-sells when the timing is just right.

Key benefits

Increased basket size

Thanks to a smoother experience, and automatically generated up-sell messages, we measure an average basket size increase of 16%.

Unbelievable adoption

Consumers LOVE Shopic’s Mobile Checkout. Along with our close guidance regarding marketing, we see an average adoption rate of more than 25%!

Increased buying frequency

Customers who use Shopic visit the store 50% more frequently than those who don’t.


AI-powered Loss Prevention. CartWatch collects hundreds of behavioral and historical data points. By detecting behavioral anomalies, CartWatch provides a strong layer of security for our Mobile Checkout and Frictionless Shopping solutions.

Key benefits

Enjoy self-checkout without shrinkage

Yes, it’s possible! Thanks to CartWatch, our AI-based fraud detection solution, which analyzes hundreds of parameters in real-time throughout the shopping experience, suspicious transactions can be flagged with up to 300% better accuracy compared to traditional solutions!

Virtual POS

Integrating with some POS systems is challenging. That’s why we’ve created Virtual POS, a sophisticated cloud-based integration platform that allows us to dramatically cut integration times to ANY POS system to a matter of just a few weeks. Virtual POS supports all types of pricing, promotions, coupons, tax rules and much more.

Key benefits

Support to major POS systems

Many major POS systems are already supported, with no special integration required.

Easy integration to smaller / proprietary POS systems

Integration to smaller / proprietary POS systems is a matter of weeks, not months. You’ll be amazed at how quick it can be!

Frictionless Shopping

Take your stores to a whole new level of shopping experience and efficiency. Using our lightweight cart device, our cutting edge AI algorithms will identify each item that enters or exits the cart. In addition, wide angle cameras will map the store in real time and collect powerful insights to increase your sales and streamline store operations.

Key features

Amazon-Go-like experience

By leveraging our unique Computer-Vision and AI algorithms, consumers will no longer have to interact with a mobile app. Simply add the item to your cart or basket as you normally would, and walk out!

Insights like never before

Every cart / basket is transformed into a small “sensor” that travels around your store and collects data. From shelf-visibility, through heat-maps, all the way to real-time planograms – the possibilities are endless!

Efficient store management

In the dynamic world of retail, store associates have a lot on their minds. Ease of installation, operation, and maintenance is crucial just as much as an amazing technology. Our unique approach requires minimal setup, and close to zero maintenance, especially in comparison to traditional smart-cart / ceiling-mounted camera approaches.

Key benefits

No change in store infrastructure

With the Shopic platform, a complete frictionless shopping experience is available without changing the store layout or installing expensive hardware.

Cost effective

No expensive hardware or changes to store infrastructure are required. Get started without making a huge financial investment, and see amazing results from day one.

Immediate value

Don’t wait for frictionless shopping! Make sure your stores get the best technology at any given time: Start today with our leading Mobile Checkout solution, and gradually evolve to a frictionless experience as the technology becomes available.

Store-size agnostic

Be it a small convenience store or a huge hypermarket – the Shopic frictionless checkout solution can do it all. Go with your larger stores first! The frictionless shopping solution is scalable to any size, in a cost-effective manner.

Better point of view

Just like the human-eye, AI algorithms perform better when they “see” better. With cameras placed on consumer shopping carts, detection and recognition is far more accurate.